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Blue Films – Ye Sayang (KL 48 HOUR FILM 2012)

Kuala Lumpur 48 Hour Film Project 2012

Team: Blue Films
Genre: Romance

Required elements:

Mansur/Melati Mahmood, Mark/Melissa Chung, Muthu/Mala Maniam
A Politician

Prop: Selipar Jepun / Slippers

Line of Dialogue:
“Bencilah buat ni, kenapa tak buat awal-awal”
“I hate doing this, why didn’t we do it earlier”

Blue Films Presents

Starring: Sufian Abdullah / Ledionnie Ajis / Fikry Mahazir
Props Master: The House of Arts Studios
Music Arrangement: Ledionnie Ajis / Azrul Hafiz
Director of Photography: Azim Zulkefli
Recording Studio: AudioLABS.
Film Gears: OPXOGRAPHY / 1SixteenPictures
Sound Director: Wafiy Zamree
Sound/Grips: Aziz Ibrahim
Script: Blue Films
Visual Editor: Omaw Rozduan
Director: Hafidzuddin Aziz

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